Solar Energy is Here to Stay

Energy consumption has been constantly increasing contrary to the fact that the main energy source, fossil fuels, is continuously decreasing. However, innovations in technology have made it possible to produce renewable and efficient energy to supply the rising demand for energy. One of the well known alternatives is solar energy. With that, the light and heat energy from the sun are being converted into electricity to provide alternative power used for various industries.

But before you are able to generate electricity from the sun, you need to have a device first to absorb and convert the sunlight into electricity and that is through solar panels. Solar panels are made up of semi-conductive materials usually silicon. Materials like silicon naturally have the property to contain electrons. As the photons from the sun hit the solar cell, the electrons within the panel will then absorb the energy. After that, the electrons are being transformed into conduction electrons. As soon as the accumulated photons is already good enough, the conduction electron are being released carrying ample amount of electric charges. The electricity will then pass through circuit set up and is now ready for use. That is basically how the alternative energy from the sun is being produced. Aside from the conversion matter, there are still some useful information which you ought to know for further understanding. The following paragraph will provide you a comprehensive view as to how efficient or inefficient the sun’s energy is.

There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration before you can even cherish the benefits of the energy from the sun. First and the most important is of course the availability of sunlight for it is primarily the raw material used for the conversion mechanism. The energy you can get will depend how long will the sun remain arise and how much its light intensity. The brighter the sun is the more energy you can extract from it. Not unless you live on the topmost hemisphere of the planet, you will surely get 24/7 supply of sunlight as the sun literally never set there.

Another factor is the material being used. Efficient absorption will also depend as with the quality of materials being used to construct the panels. As being mentioned earlier, silicones are excellent because of it various abilities which contributes a lot with the absorption conversion mechanisms. One of the properties of the element is its being UV stability which means that it is durable enough to resist the radiation within the sun rays. The element also possesses excellent electric insulating properties. For that, it can carry an abundant amount of electricity and also has high electric volume resistivity. It is also low in ionic impurities and high moisture resistivity. Silicon is also optically transparent enabling it to absorb a wide arrayed spectrum of light. Mechanical, thermal and optical properties can also be specifically adjusted to adequately meet the energy capacity level of the device. Most of the solar panels today use silicon as the main component of their solar converting device. Unless there are still better elements that are yet to be discovered to surpass the ability of silicon, energy transformation will surely be more efficient.

Electricity is vital to economy in general so affordability of such device will surely be included as another factor. That is why only a very few countries are inclined into this energy source alternative because some countries could not afford. The truth of the matter is that, light converting devices are quite expensive. Having a solar facility for mass produced energy is quite even more costly than importing fossil fuels and natural gasses. That is just another downside of having such facility. It is true that it is environment friendly but probably not budget friendly. However, producers know what exactly consumers need. More and more companies around the world are now improving technology to decrease the prize of their products without compromising of course the quality.

Switching into renewable energy is always better since the main source of electricity has limited supply. The prize of fossil fuel is also inflating constantly. So why not switch to energy sources which are renewable, efficient and most of all environment friendly. Going green is the trend now so count yourself in to help the deteriorating balance of the echo system.