LED Lighting

LEDs or light emitting diodes are often compared to traditional lighting techniques in every factor, from the use of energy to design. Cost-efficiency and long-term affordability are other areas where LED lighting compares almost universally better.

As the most energy-efficient, cleanest, and eco-friendly way of illumination LED lighting can help your property become more beautiful, safe and, more importantly, cost-effective. In the long-term and short-term, installing LEDs can lessen the costs of electricity usage and also the risk of needing repair and maintenance work.

The reasons why LED lighting can help you save money is tied in with its other benefits.

For example, LED lighting has a long operational lifetime compared to other types of light. LEDs have an expected lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000. It can last up to 100,000 hours, which roughly translates to an outstanding 11 years of continuous operation.

In contrast, compact fluorescent lights last only from 8,000 to 10,000 hours. This characteristic longevity means you’ll have to worry less about paying for the costs of regular bulb turnovers. Having to pay for a replacement is a concern for another decade.

Another example would be in energy efficiency. Most traditional forms of lighting, like incandescent bulbs, emit heat at a high percentage (up to 90% of the energy for incandescent light bulbs). It loses energy and makes you pay more for less.

With LED lighting, you can expect around an energy efficiency of 80% to 90%. You can imagine your electricity bill becoming more reasonable. Less money is being spent accidentally heating, and not illuminating, the room with your light bulbs.

There are many other benefits to installing LED lighting that make it a wise financial decision. While there may be a greater investment upfront, having LED lighting can only be a benefit to your wallet in the long run. 

Benefits of installing LED lighting

Aside from its long lifespan and its energy efficiency, LED lighting offers many other benefits compared to traditional lighting.

  • Durability against rough conditions

LEDs are designed and built to be incredibly durable, withstanding even the most extreme of conditions. This design includes shock-resistance, which can allow LEDs to be exposed to weather, wind, and rain.

On the other hand, traditional lighting systems need to be contained in a glass or quartz exterior, which can easily be damaged.

Having a durable lighting system is another boon to your savings. You don’t need to pay for repair or replacement works as often.

  • Close to zero UV emissions

Safety is another factor that makes LEDs a good choice. There is increased reliability in the safety of LED lighting use. LED illumination produces little infrared light and almost no UV. This makes LEDs good for materials that are sensitive to heat and to UV.

More importantly, excessive heat and UV also present a burn hazard to people. This is another way to save up in the future; you won’t have to worry about the costs of slight burns.

  • Instant on and immediate full brightness

Compared to CFLs, LED lights to brighten up immediately once you turn them on. LED lights are ideal for construction projects, for retailers and shops, and for everyday living.

  • Health risks and bacteria

Because of the interplay between heat and building material, LEDs are less likely to breed bacteria than fluorescent and halogen lights.

Installing LEDs is, therefore, an investment in both health and in lighting solutions.

Aside from this, LEDs are also more environment-friendly. Unlike certain forms of traditional lighting, they contain no mercury and other toxic chemicals. Without this dangerous neurotoxin, they are easier and safer to dispose of.

Finding a reliable provider of LED lighting solutions

If you want to light your home with the same amount of light for less money, and to lessen your electricity statements through the years, then you need to find a reliable provider of LED lighting solutions. Global Home Solutions provides high-quality LED lighting solutions in Hunter Valley and Newcastle.  Contact these service providers for more details about LED installation, repair, and maintenance.