Solar Power Australia – Be Informed

In Australia we have the perfect climate to install a few solar panels on our roof and benefit from the sun’s rays, by generating our own solar energy. Why is Everyone Getting Solar Panels on their Roof? Essentially, this program makes getting solar power for your home affordable, and quite exciting, considering the fact that [...]

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Solar – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much does Solar Power Cost? This will depend on many factors including: Your location – your government rebate amount will depend on where you live (among other things) System size – This is measured in kW and starts from 1.5kW Solar Panel Quality – You can get expensive (overrated in my opinion) German made solar [...]

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IKEA stores moving to solar power has turned into a Common Occurance

The newest system switched on would be the 1.4 megawatt array put in at its distribution center close to Savannah, GA in the USA. Comprising in excess of 6,000 solar panels, it’s at this time the state’s biggest independently owned and operated solar rooftop array. The system will produce 1,973,562 kWh of clean electrical power [...]

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What About Wind Energy?

Much like solar energy, wind energy is recommended because it makes use of a renewable (and free!) energy source. While solar power uses the sunlight, wind turbines are used to generate energy. Back then, wind energy was mostly used for big corporations. Nowadays, it’s more accessible for homes as well. Although those living in sunny [...]

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Up to 850,000 Homes in Australia Have Solar Energy

Based on the most recent information from the Australian Clean Power Regulator (ACER), the Sustainable Power Affiliation of Australia (SEA) states greater than eight hundred and fifty eight thousand properties across the country have got solar technology installations. The figure represents 2.0 GW of put up ability in sun PV. Furthermore, over 600,000 solar warm [...]

Company Profile: Bosch Solar Energy

Solar energy is on an upward trend worldwide. Unlimited solar radiation, political support and an ever-increasing demand for electricity provide optimal conditions for the global expansion of Bosch Solar Energy. Photovoltaic markets such as the Australia, USA, China, India and Japan as well as southern and eastern Europe, offer fresh growth potential. The Bosch brand [...]

BP Solar – Gone But not Forgotten

BP Solar Panels: a long-standing tradition of technical expertise and global presence which sadly has come to a close. In March 2009 the world was 300 megawatts darker when BP closed  its photovoltaic (PV) cell and solar panel manufacturing plant in Sydney Olympic park. The closure meant Australia became a research and supply sector and [...]

Suntech Solar Panels

The office of Suntech (Australia) at 201 Miller Street, North Sydney, is in stark contrast to Suntech’s head office and manufacturing operations located in China.  Suntech is the largest manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules and produces the most efficient solar panels in the world and the only solar panel with a four step 10 [...]

Victorian Households to Lose Out on Solar

Rebates for households in Victoria are under threat by a proposed shake up by the state govs’ productivity department. Inside a draft evaluation which will be released soon, the VCEC (The Victorian Productivity advisor) has recommended power companies being able to set the rate paid to households for solar power they feed back in to [...]

Solar Spruikers Targeted by the ACCC

The ACCC has taken aim at suppliers of solar power systems who are engaging in misleading advertising practices by exaggerating the forecast of electricity prices – by over stating the effect of the Federal Government’s Carbon Tax. The Carbon Tax is due to take affect in July 2012, and will gradually increase until 2015. Some [...]

Solar 101: Back to School

There are many things that people do not know or realize about solar power. This article will present a number of interesting Solar Energy Facts. It is hoped this will help promote further development of this very important source essentially never ending power. Fortunately, as the supply of accessible hydrocarbon based energy declines on earth [...]

Solar Energy is Here to Stay

Energy consumption has been constantly increasing contrary to the fact that the main energy source, fossil fuels, is continuously decreasing. However, innovations in technology have made it possible to produce renewable and efficient energy to supply the rising demand for energy. One of the well known alternatives is solar energy. With that, the light and heat [...]